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Trust in the light

My confession. I wrote earlier this month about my resolutions for 2023 in general terms—such as get organized, speak up, eat healthier. Of course, I am violating the first rule of writing resolutions. These resolutions are too general. Not specific enough. However, I have been in a COVID fog since December 28. Now that I […]

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How dare they?

Vice President Harris says we must fight for a woman’s right to control her body. She spoke on January 22, 2023—the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade, the decision that guaranteed a woman’s right to abortion. She spoke in protest of a recent Supreme Court decision that took away that […]

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Let your actions speak

Beto O’Rourke is now teaching a class at the University of Chicago and writing email messages to people like me. Beto’s advice: “Keep the faith, keep up the fight and let our action be the antidote to any despair that tempts us.” –Joy

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Speak up–and do something

I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions is to speak up. The Rev. Bernice King, Martin Luther King’s youngest daughter, reminds me that speaking up isn’t enough. Quoting MLK isn’t enough. We need to change our ways. We need to act to make this country a better place. MLK challenged us “to change […]

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Speak up–in a loud voice

As I said in my last blog post, one of my resolutions for 2023 is to speak up. I was reminded of that resolution recently when I read a Martin Luther King Jr. quote: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” –Joy

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Speak up

Don’t be quiet. Speak up. I’m going to let people know what I think. That’s my resolution #6. Amanda Gorman says, “Girls have spent so much of their lives being told to be seen and not heard.” –Joy

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Keep fighting

I just renewed my membership to Planned Parenthood. This was the first sentence in the letter asking me to renew. “No one—not politicians nor the Supreme Court justices—will stop us from fighting for our right to control our bodies and futures.” Keep fighting for women’s rights, for a just world for everyone! That’s my Resolution […]

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Keep laughing

My husband Jerry and I both have COVID. Yikes! This is not the best way to start the new year, but we are getting better and we are taking care of each other. And, we’re still smiling—and laughing. Laugh a lot. That’s my Resolution #3. As Victor Hugo says, “Laughter is sunshine. It chases winter […]

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Get organized

During 2023, I am going to get organized. This is my Resolution #2. Not completely organized, of course. That goal is unattainable. Better organized. I love Jane Smiley’s response when she was asked how she organizes her books. “Only by kicking them out of the way so I won’t trip over them,” she answered. –Joy

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Christmas is over

The Christmas tree is still decorated—although our live Christmas tree is getting a bit dry and droopy. Our nutcracker still stands proudly on the table in the entry hall, and our collection of snow globes—some musical and some not—still adorn the coffee table in the living room. However, Christmas is over, and it’s time to […]

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