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They give me joy

I returned from a trip and then welcomed company who arrived just a couple of days later. Finally, this morning, I went for my morning walk again–following the path in my neighborhood that I have taken for more than 30 years. Even though I enjoyed my travels and my guest very much, it was delightful […]

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A second spring

We have been in a cabin on a hill in Eureka Springs. We have searched for fall leaves—and we have found a few orange and red and yellow leaves. However, the leaves are just beginning to turn. No matter, we are delighted when we see one or two. They are beautiful. As Camus once said, […]

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Happy autumn!

Yesterday, I found a leaf in my neighbor’s yard. She is gone for a few days; so, I stole it. It’s the first leaf of autumn I’ve found. It is mostly brown, but part of it is a rich orange. The first leaf of autumn! And, there will be many more. I was reminded of […]

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Autumn flowers and pumpkins

I had lunch at the Dallas Arboretum, where the autumn flowers, yellow and orange and purple, are blooming—and pumpkins are being stacked in piles. By September 17, the arboretum will display 100,000 pumpkins, gourds and squash. I enjoyed my lunch and a leisurely walk with a friend, and I was reminded of a quote by […]

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Peace in New Mexico

Whenever I go to New Mexico—and that’s where I am now, I always feel more peaceful. I feel the peace of the crooked streets in Santa Fe, the peace of the blue sky, the peace of the Sandia mountains. –Joy

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Has spring finally arrived?

For the first time this year, I visited the Dallas Arboretum and wore a shirt with short sleeves! No jacket. It was 75 degrees. Perfect weather. I hope and pray that spring has finally arrived. And, there were big beds of yellow and purple flowers. Lots of flowers. “The flowers appear on the earth,” the […]

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Nature’s blessings

A fresh new bloom, a singing bird— All nature’s blessings, seen and heard! –Samantha Meyers

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A walk in nature

I love my walks in my neighborhood in Dallas, but I love even more walks in New Mexico. And, I’m in New Mexico visiting my brother—and we are taking walks! As John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” Or, she seeks, of course! –Joy

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Irish blessings to you!

I had my DNA tested recently—and discovered that I’m mostly Irish/English, with a little Scandinavian and a bit of Neanderthal. So, I am wishing you lots of Irish blessings. May your path bloom with shamrocks and your heart ring with song! –Joy

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Be merry and mellow!

This is one of my favorite autumn poems. I think I have posted it before! Sing apples and peaches and pears! Singe orange and scarlet and yellow! Sing green turned to glory To tell us the story That autumn is merry and mellow! –Elizabeth Rooney

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