Get organized

During 2023, I am going to get organized. This is my Resolution #2. Not completely organized, of course. That goal is unattainable. Better organized. I love Jane Smiley’s response when she was asked how she organizes her books. “Only by kicking them out of the way so I won’t trip over them,” she answered. –Joy

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Christmas is over

The Christmas tree is still decorated—although our live Christmas tree is getting a bit dry and droopy. Our nutcracker still stands proudly on the table in the entry hall, and our collection of snow globes—some musical and some not—still adorn the coffee table in the living room. However, Christmas is over, and it’s time to […]

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Share your love

Here’s a good holiday message! It came on a card from one of our Jewish friends. Help a stranger Praise a child Light a candle Share your love Sing for joy Lend a hand Pray for peace Understand! –Joy

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Leftover peace, love and hope

We went to church, unwrapped the presents and ate too much. Now we have a few leftovers in the kitchen—some pecan pie, cranberry dressing and fudge. And, we still have lots of Christmas cheer. We hope our Christmas peace, love and hope lingers throughout the new year. We wish you, too, a new year filled […]

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Pleasant and peaceful

Merry Christmas! May you experience many pleasant and peaceful moments today and tomorrow.

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Still and quiet

I am trying to find moments when I can be still—and quiet—during this holiday season. As poet Terrance Hayes says, we need to take time to experience. It’s “not what you see, but what you perceive…not the noise, but its rhythm.” –Joy

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Wonderful, but not perfect

Families are never perfect. Holidays are never perfect. The world is not perfect. This holiday season, I am going to enjoy my wonderful, but not perfect, family, and I am going to have a wonderful, but not perfect, holiday. –Joy

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Make a connection

When Brittney Griner was heading back to the United States after being a prisoner in Russia for 10 months, she boarded a U.S. government plane with Roger Carstens, the special presidential envoy for hostage affairs. “I want to talk,” Griner told Carstens, according to an article in the December 12, 2022, issue of the Dallas […]

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Peace and love

“This is what my soul is telling me,” Malala Yousafzai once said. “Be peaceful and love everyone.”

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Time magazine has named Ukrainian President Zelenskyy its Person of the Year. Zelenskyy, the magazine staff explained, deserves the award “for proving that courage can be as contagious as fear.”

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