Is it still a happy new year?

I had been telling myself that my daughter Ranna’s medical problems were ending and that this year would be the start of her healing.

I still am convinced that this year will be a new beginning for Ranna. But the new beginning is not going to happen immediately. Ranna already has spent six days in the hospital in 2012.

At first, I felt overwhelmed when I had to take Ranna back to the hospital in January. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was difficult because, no matter how much I want Ranna to get better, there is not much that I can do to make that happen instantly. Her recovery will take time.

But, eventually, I remembered all of the hard things I have done in the past. Getting well when I had polio was hard. So was finding the courage to get a divorce. So was being a single mother. So was being involved with a small business that had to file for bankruptcy.

I remembered how I had survived hard times in the past, and I told myself, “I can do hard things.”

Ranna will not be in the hospital forever. This hard time will pass, too. There is hope, and there will be happier days.


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