Do you gulp or sip?

My brother James classifies people into two groups—gulpers or sippers.

He started thinking about gulpers and sippers during the 1970s when he was in college. He had a roommate who finished his homework and then spent most of his time hanging out at their apartment. He was, James explains, a sipper.

James’ next roommate was a gulper. He finished his homework and then he was ready to do something, to go somewhere, to experience something new. He wanted to consume large quantities of experiences.

Gulpers, James concludes, are thirsty for life. They enjoy life. Of course, they enjoy some things more than others. But, if they have something that needs to be done—like homework, they get it done without complaining.

Sippers, James says, are afraid that their good luck or wonderful experience won’t last. They are the type who might save a delicious dessert in the refrigerator so that they could eat it later. Sometimes they wait so long that it goes bad. Gulpers know that life always offers more to experience. They may have to search for more rewarding experiences, but they know they’ll find more if they take the time to look.

Which are you? A gulper or a sipper? One approach is not necessarily better than the other. However, if you are a sipper, you might remind yourself to try something new, Fayteen says. Or, if you are a gulper, you might need to slow down and evaluate where you are heading.

What’s most important, Fayteen stresses, is finding the right balance between gulping and sipping, and that balance is not the same for everyone.


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