Are you focused on your goal?

It’s important to define your goals. Almost always accomplishing your goal requires hard work. Sometimes achieving your goal requires you to stop everything and focus on one important task.

For many years while Fayteen was working as a model, Buick hired her to stand next to a shiny new car at the State Fair of Texas, explain its features and answer questions.

She was supposed to look pretty, but she also was supposed to be knowledgeable about the cars and help sell them to consumers.

Fayteen still remembers the drill. A couple of days before the fair opened, the car dealership would send her four or five pages of text and she was supposed to memorize it word-for-word.

Her daughter, Ranna, from the year she was just learning to read, was always eager to help. “You just say it, Mama,” she would announce. “And I’ll tell you if you’re doing anything wrong.”

“My life stopped,” Fayteen says. “I spent every spare minute learning the text. Usually, I stayed up all night the night before the fair opened to make sure that I knew my script.”

Fayteen’s short-term goal was to do a good job with the script. She knew that she would have to show up early the first day of the fair and practice in front of the people who had hired her.

“With most everything, you have to dedicate time to do it well,” Fayteen says.

Her long-term goal was to do a good job so that she would be hired again the next year. Her priority was to build her career so that she could support her two children.

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