Fun Plus Easy Ways to Lose Weight

When I read the headline on the magazine at the grocery store, I shook my head.

Fun plus easy ways to lose weight?

Fayteen has lost 29 pounds this year, and she looks great. But she’s the first one to tell you that it hasn’t been much fun and it hasn’t been easy. Of course, she also will tell you that the struggle has been worth the effort and she feels great.

I lost weight seven years ago, and keeping those pounds off has been one of the biggest battles I’ve ever fought. It’s not easy. And often it’s not much fun to skip dessert or French fries. But I’m happy that I’m still eating healthy—most of the time—and I plan to keep winning the battle.

This magazine suggests that “fun plus easy ways to lose weight” are hula hooping and belly dancing. I’m glad those exercises worked for the two people pictured in the magazine, but I don’t think they’re the answer for most people.

As we’ve said before, we’re tired of people who think there are easy answers to life’s complex problems. There are no easy answers to most problems.

There are answers. And you can find them. There is hope. But finding your own solutions requires hard work. You have to be resolute.


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