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Be who you is

I like the quote used one Sunday earlier this year by my church’s pastor Dr. Stan Copeland in his sermon. “Be who you is, because if you is who you ain’t, you ain’t who you is.” –Joy

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How smart are you?

A new poll shows that 96 percent of Americans think they are more intelligent than the average person, according to the May 23, 2014, issue of The Week. How smart are you? Of course, I think you’re smarter than the average person. Much smarter! This silly statistic made me think about how often I compare […]

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Patience, not perfection

At the end of the day, often, too often, I still scold myself because I am not perfect. Why do I continue to expect myself to be perfect when it is an impossible goal? I need to remember what Saint Augustine once said, “Have patience with all things, but chiefly with yourself. Do not lose […]

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Visualize the positive

About 77 percent of the average person’s self-talk is negative, says David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. I heard Allen recently in an interview on National Public Radio. “If you can visualize a horrible outcome, you can visualize a positive outcome, too,” Allen suggests. The next time you have to give a speech in […]

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The gift of gentleness

Fayteen is overwhelmed with concern for her daughter, Ranna, who is facing serious, complicated health issues. And, I am concerned about Ranna and about Fayteen, who is exhausted from taking care of Ranna and trying to keep up with her business. “Take good care of Ranna, and take good care of yourself,” I told Fayteen. […]

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Advice from Emerson

I was looking for inspiration for my daughter, who is in the middle of the tedious task of finishing her thesis. However, while browsing at Barnes & Nobles, I found some inspiration for myself. “Finish each day and be done with it,” advises Emerson on the Quotable Magnet that I purchased. “You have done what […]

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A cheese tray?

A cheese tray? My assignment is to bring an appetizer for a Saturday evening potluck. But, it’s Friday night, and I’ve had a busy week. A sad week. I helped make plans for a good friend’s memorial service, helped contact people who loved her and helped write her obituary. “Maybe I should make a spinach […]

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I am who I am

We’ve been talking to other women about our soon-to-be-published book The Resolute Woman, and we’ve been inspired by the advice they’ve shared with us. My friend Bonnie shared this quote with me. “I am who I am; I look the way I look; I am my age.” We’re not sure who said these words. I […]

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The struggle for dignity

Horton Foote won an Oscar for Best Screenplay for To Kill a Mockingbird and wrote many plays about the struggles of ordinary people. In his biography Horton Foote—America’s Storyteller, author Wilborn Hampton explains that, while he was growing up in Wharton, Texas, Foote listened and “stored away all of the stories that would one day […]

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One nice thing

I’m sharing more wisdom from the doctor’s waiting room. Just when I was about to lose my cool, tired and frustrated from trying to help take care of my very ill brother-in-law, I read this in the January/February issue of Web M.D. Before you climb out of bed in the morning, “spend 20 seconds thinking […]

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