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A diet that works for some people

Rena Wing, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, has run the National Weight Control Registry for 23 years. The registry includes more than 10,000 people from across the country. All of them have lost at least 30 pounds and maintained that weight loss for at least a year. What’s interesting is […]

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It’s biology, not willpower

More than 70 percent of American adults are overweight. That’s 155 million Americans. And, about 40 percent of them are clinically obese. Worldwide, 2.2 billion people are overweight. Depressing? Yes, but studies by Kevin Hall, a scientist at the National Institute of Health, and other researchers are showing that it is “biology, not simply a […]

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The perfect diet

Yikes! That’s what I have to say about this email message that showed up recently in my inbox: “Join thousands of people who already are living a better life. We have created the perfect and 100 percent working diet solution.” Of course, I wish there was a perfect diet. But I am skeptical of any […]

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Crimes against guacamole

New Mexico is serious about its guacamole. A leaflet I read at Tomasita’s restaurant in Santa Fe listed these crimes against guacamole. In 2014, Bon Appetit published a recipe for guacamole with chopped celery, claiming that “it will keep your teeth happy.” British department store, Mark and Spencer, offered brusselmole, a version of guacamole made […]

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Blame it on Donald Trump

We try to avoid politics in our blog posts. So, this is all I am going to say. I was not happy when Donald Trump was inaugurated. I was so upset that I started eating chocolate and everything in sight—which was a bad thing to do since I hadn’t lost the five pounds that I […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my neighbors once told me: “Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday! All you have to do is eat.” And, cook, of course, although I think this neighbor had a mother who was doing the cooking. However, before I eat too much pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes with gravy—my favorites, I am going to pause […]

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Carbohydrates, proteins and calories?

I’m now counting calories, grams of carbohydrates and grams of protein. Yikes! Because I keep falling into the pre-diabetic category, I have been trying to reduce the number of carbohydrates I eat. And, during my last visit to my dietician, she suggested that I need to eat more protein—75 grams a day, in fact, and […]

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The surprises of the day

While I was in Washington state, I watched the sun go down while I ate a Fanny Bay oyster at a wonderful restaurant next to a river. The menu described the oyster this way: “Firm meat, mild brine, cucumber finish.” It was served with a lemon and a grapefruit mignonette, and it was amazing. This […]

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A little poison

Un poquito de veneno no mata. Or, in English, a little poison will not kill. We found this reminder about the importance of moderation in a delightful book by Charles Aranda called Dichos—Proverbs and Sayings from the Spanish.

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Exercise can help cure addictions

If you can’t eat just one cookie or one potato chip—and that one cookie or one chip can lead to a day or two of eating too, too much, you may battle a food addiction. I do. Dr. John Ratey has a chapter in his book Spark—The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain […]

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