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You can’t control everything

I prefer to be organized, in control. That tendency can be a great strength. It also can be a weakness. For me, spending weeks in a wheelchair or moving with a walker because of my broken leg has been a good reminder that I can’t control everything. Even laundry. “Please don’t put my bras in […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Elizabeth Warren, United States senator, remembers when she was a professor at the University of Houston and the mother of two young children. “The new job was hard, and at home my world was stretched to the breaking point. I traded car-pool duties, took my turn as a Girl Scout leader, taught Sunday School for […]

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When you feel overwhelmed

Years ago, before my children were born, I helped take care of Rose, my mother-in-law, during the three weeks before she died. It was the same year that I started my own business and I was intent on working hard and becoming successful as soon as I could. I took my assignments for my new […]

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Caregivers—sacrifice and joy

When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, my husband and I immediately moved her into our house and I became her caretaker. Today, we are grateful that she is alive, and she has been clear of cancer for two years. However, she continues to fight the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation. I am happy to […]

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The gift of gentleness

Fayteen is overwhelmed with concern for her daughter, Ranna, who is facing serious, complicated health issues. And, I am concerned about Ranna and about Fayteen, who is exhausted from taking care of Ranna and trying to keep up with her business. “Take good care of Ranna, and take good care of yourself,” I told Fayteen. […]

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Caregivers need regular breaks

If you’re the primary caregiver for a child or a sick spouse or an elderly parent, you may need a break. In fact, you need regular breaks. The best way you can take care of the person you love is to care for yourself and get some help. That’s a truth we know instinctively, but […]

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When you’re overwhelmed

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? My daughter Ranna, who is still struggling with agonizing health issues that are the results of her cancer treatments, often needs my help. Just as my husband Tom and I are settling down to watch an evening program on the history channel, Ranna calls, “Mother, can you […]

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Caring for the caregiver

During the next several weeks, we’re going to share some holiday lessons we’ve learned. During the busy month of December, all of us sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted. If you’re someone, like me, who has been busy all year taking care of a family member with health problems, you may often feel overwhelmed and exhausted. […]

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Contemplation and action

When we found out that my daughter Ranna was going to the hospital for treatments every afternoon for two months, my first reaction was panic. How could I change my business schedule so that I could take Ranna to the hospital every afternoon? After a few minutes, I calmed down and thought about the five […]

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Accepting life as it is

I have good news. My daughter who has been struggling with breast cancer and its complications for 1-1/2 years is now getting a series of new treatments. We have hope that these treatments for two hours a day, five days a week for two months will be a turning point and that they will help […]

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