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Keep swimming–and keep singing

My friend whose husband has brain cancer visited me. What can we do when something bad happens? Sometimes you can take action to find a solution, but sometimes there is no solution. These words are from a poem from How Beautiful the Beloved by Gregory Orr.  One of the best kinds of friends are friends […]

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Breast cancer affects 1 in 8

Ranna, my daughter, is cancer free, but she is still fighting serious health issues caused by breast cancer. I have learned a lot about this horrible disease since Ranna was diagnosed with cancer in January 2011. I urge each of you to get regular screening tests for breast cancer and to make sure that the […]

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Contemplation and action

When we found out that my daughter Ranna was going to the hospital for treatments every afternoon for two months, my first reaction was panic. How could I change my business schedule so that I could take Ranna to the hospital every afternoon? After a few minutes, I calmed down and thought about the five […]

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Accepting life as it is

I have good news. My daughter who has been struggling with breast cancer and its complications for 1-1/2 years is now getting a series of new treatments. We have hope that these treatments for two hours a day, five days a week for two months will be a turning point and that they will help […]

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I danced an Irish jig

What do you say when the nurse calls and tells your daughter that she is cancer-free? Words, of course, can never express the relief and happiness I felt. I didn’t say anything. After 15 months of watching Ranna battle cancer and trying my best to help her and sometimes fearing the worst, how could I […]

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Relief and hope

Since January, my daughter Ranna has battled breast cancer. It has been a tough battle. She had an aggressive cancer and has seen many doctors for countless appointments. She has had seven surgeries. During 35 years of counseling, I have worked with a number of people with cancer. I thought I understood what they had […]

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What can you do to help?

Shelley Lewis, in her book about breast cancer, which we mentioned in our last blog post, has some good suggestions for ways you can help a friend who has a major problem. In Five Lessons I didn’t Learn from Breast Cancer (And One Big One I Did), Lewis makes these suggestions. Don’t ask, “Is there […]

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