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Like a good cheese

“If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart,” James A. Garfield once said. “The spirit should never grow old.” I found that quote in a book—90 and Proud of It—that I bought for my friend Sandra, who was celebrating her 91st birthday. And, I also found another […]

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Happy 91st Birthday

My friend lucky Sandra, who lives in the house behind mine, invited me to her 91st birthday party. As Andy Rooney once said, “I didn’t get old on purpose; it just happened. If you’re lucky, it could happen to you.” I found Andy Rooney’s quote—and more quotes that I will share with you in future […]

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The cherry on the top

Marcus Borg wrote his book Convictions after his 70th birthday. “At 70, I primarily feel gratitude,” he wrote in the first chapter. “Each extra day feels like lagniappe, a Cajun French word that means ‘something extra’—like the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the hot fudge on top of the ice […]

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Want to live to be 200?

If you want to live longer, you might follow the example of the Greenland shark. A new study in Science reported on 28 Greenland sharks that are 200 years or older, making them the planet’s longest-lived vertebrate. These sharks don’t eat every day. In fact, they might just have a big meal once or twice […]

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Two birthdays every year?

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday in April on the anniversary of the day she was born, but she’s celebrating again in June with an “official” birthday. The tradition of two birthdays started in 1748 with George II, who was born in November. He decided that November was too cold for his annual birthday parade. […]

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Old like yellow pearls

The All-China Women’s Federation, founded by the Chinese Communist Party in 1949, has advice for young women on its website. The federation tells them to hurry up and get married before they’re 30 and warns them that “as women age, they are worth less and less; so, by the time they get their M.A. or […]

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When I’m 105

Elizabeth Sullivan, who is 105 years old, threw the first pitch at a Texas Rangers’ game on April 6. This Resolute Woman practiced throwing the ball overhand for a month before the game. “I was throwing underhand because that’s the way girls did when I was in school,” Sullivan told The Dallas Morning News. When […]

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One life

“We all get one life,” says swimmer Diana Nyad, who swam 110.86 miles from Cuba to Florida in 2013. “You don’t get to do any day over again.” Now past 60, Nyad’s not going to spend any of her one life worrying about getting older. “I color my hair, for sure,” she told The Dallas […]

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I am strong

I heard this quote on National Public Radio, but I didn’t catch who said it. The person was a woman—an actress?—who said that, when she looks in the mirror, she no longer looks 25—but it’s okay. “I am strong, and my body works,” this woman stressed. –Joy

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Be yourself

Gloria Steinem once suggested that women have three alternatives as they grow older. “If there are three alternatives, the first being to go along with society’s vision of aging and become an older woman in the conventional sort, the second being to defy society’s idea of aging by remaining a younger woman of a conventional […]

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